Tachycardia and also leg pain

Hi i havent been on here for a while .I still have no diagnosis and im waiting to see a new neuro end of nov.

I have been experiencing tachycardia (fast pulse)since my neck operation 6 weeks ago .The doctor said its sinus tachycardia ,im seeing a cardiologist in 2 weeks .Im getting palpatations ,im dizzy,completelyout of breath and cant even walk down the road with out it going up to 150 bpm.

Im not sure what it is to do with but im getting such bad pains in my legs ,all at the front .They ache so much that they hurt .Even cooking dinner im having to sit down in between .Last night they hurt so much i was in tears .They also burn loads at night .Sometimes they are alright for a littlw while then it comes on again .

I just wondered if anyone on here gets this ?

Thanks from Sam x

Yes to all of it. Just started on new pills to try and reduce the racing heart episodes. The burning is helped loads by pregabalin and the aching by baclofen. (I have a very big medicine box!) Fingers crossed the cardiologist will be able to help you. In the meantime, try big ice packs for your legs. If they don’t work you could try a heat pad. I know it sounds crazy, but “real” signals can drown out the “fake” ones and are much easier to bear. Karen x

Hello Sam

I have a heart condition (cardiac heart disease) I suffer with Brachyalgia , slow heart beat and Angina

you need to slow down a bit, try to calm dow a little bit, as if you get anxious your body will make more adrenaline therefore making your heart beat faster, for the palpatations you will probably need beta blockers, from what I hear it sounds as your heart is beating so fast this probably is leading to light headiness.

Good luck at the Cardiologist, like neuros you might have to have numerous tests, keep your chin up for every problem there is always an answer

take care


Sorry forgot to say I too also suffer with burning pains in my legs, this I don’t think is a heart thing, it’s more likely to be nerve pain

I had to phone the emergency doctor was advised to use an ice pack, even a pack of frozen peas might help in the short term, worked for me


Hi Sam

Yes, I was diagnosed with SVT about 5 years a go (Supraventricular Tachycardia) Thankfully it was diagnosed quickly - I wore a 24 hour holter, which is a portable ECG machine… and I had an SVT attack while wearing it. I tried lots of meds (Beta Blockers etc) and either felt like I was walking through sand all of the time, or my heart rate dropped far too low and I’d faint a lot. I now take Verapimil and (touching wood) I haven’t had an SVT attack since and I get no side effects :o)


Thanks everyone .

My doc has put me back on pregabalin (i came off for 4 weeks to check it the fast heart rate was a side effect ) so hopefully that will help .At night my legs ache to the point i want to cry,its all at the front of my legs.Ive been using a heat pad.

Also been put on beta blockers so that should help with the fast pulse .

If its not one thing its another :frowning:

Sam x