Hi everyone.

I have had some suspicious symptoms for years such as frequent bladder infections and inability to empty my bladder properly, low libido and pain (dryness) during intercourse, fatigue and numbness and unexplained bouts of anxiety. These symptoms have slowly been getting worse and this morning I collapsed on getting out of bed as my leg gave way beneath me. Since then I have felt very tired, and my legs have been heavy and tingly all day. My arms are also feeling numb. I went to the doctor and he’s going to perform some blood tests which I feel sure will be fine as this is their first port of call each time and they never show anything. I had a nap this afternoon and my arms and one leg went numb/tingly whilst I was sleeping. I just haven’t felt right all day. Because I’ve felt so unwell and the fall scared me somewhat I have been googling all day to try and find answers - I came across something called the Babinski reflex test and after asking my partner to scrape a pen along the bottom of each foot we saw I had a very strong reaction in one foot only. I have two relatives with MS (aunt and my great aunt before her) so have raised concerns in line with symptoms before but the doctors have never sent me for testing. I really feel like I need to be tested for this. I’ve suffered with trigeminal neuralgia in the past and these other symptoms just keep worsening. Does anyone have any advice for getting a doctor to see there’s a pattern with my symptoms? They keep putting it down to tiredness (I have two little ones) but I feel certain there’s more to this.

Thank you in advance.

you need to get your gp on side.

i suggest that you use your bladder problems to begin with.

ask the doctor to refer you to a bladder clinic (although you can refer yourself - it would give you a way in to asking gp for help).

tell him/her that you need to be in good shape to care for your children.

maybe say that the symptoms are so random that you are wondering if it’s a neurological problem.

ask for a referral to neurology.