I'm really struggling non diagnosed as of yet

Well where to start, hi I’m Gemma I’m 28 and a mother to 3 beautiful kids. My problems seem to have started after I had my 3rd child who is now 5. I had the odd aching joints kept going doctors was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This past year it’s so strange I have good periods of feeling well and then boom I get back to being exhausted and weak. Right now I’m experiencing some weird stuff going on my vision keeps going strange like waves. My leg I can only describe as I’m walking on someone else’s leg its kinda numb but tight. I keep getting spasms in it too. I just feel like everything is an effort. My arms ache like mad I’m so tired and the most embarrassing I keep leaking urine. I have very bad anxiety too and my husband does not help saying oh he saw a documentary on motor nueron disease so now im panicking about my symptoms. I’ve seen neurology and awaiting my MRI. I can cope with having Ms as I’ve had the symptoms a while now. But I couldn’t cope with anything else. I know it sounds stupid. Even more so when reading back I sound really pathetic. I’m just exhausted everyday of worrying what’s wrong with me. The neurology has only mentioned Ms as a suspicion nothing else. Does it sound like it? I wish I could afford to go private to ease my mind

hi gemma

i’m glad that you have had a neurology appointment.

once the MRI has been done, you will be a lot closer to having the answers you need.

make sure that each and every new symptom or change in a symptom is noted on your medical records by gp.

especially the eye thing.

i love your description of feeling like you are walking on someone elses leg!

it is unlikely that you have motor neurone so put that right out of your head.

as for your bladder issue, see the bowel and bladder clinic.

you gp can refer you or you can refer yourself (google bowel and bladder clinic in my area and phone them).

the nursed there are great and the last thing they want is for you to be embarassed.

there are meds you can take for it.

more importantly they will work out what exactly the problem is.

mine is an overactive bladder - ironic really given that physically i’m not very active at all.

meanwhile enjoy your beautiful kids gemma.