Symptoms? Something else?

Hi all,

It’s been a while!.

I’ve noticed a few times over the years that periodically I will get a sore tongue, be tired, really thirsty and need to pee more often.

I have been tested for diabetes several times as that’s what I thought it was (before knowing I had MS) and always told no diabetes

Does anyone else have these symptoms for MS or is it worth me getting another diabetes test?

Thanks all!

No idea. Vitamin deficiency? Lots of us with MS are low in B12 and that can cause a sore tongue. A lot of people - me included – were tested for B12 and found wanting when MS symptoms first appeared. The symptoms can overlap and B12 deficiency is very easy to test for and fix, so they like to exclude that (or correct it) early.

Thanks Alison that’s really helpful as yes now that you mention it when they were saying no to diabetes they were saying my b12 was low but only ever so slightly that I shouldn’t actually be getting any symptoms but bodies are a funny thing perhaps mine is just extra sensitive to it for some reason :expressionless:

Thank you I will pay them a visit and ask them to check :blush:

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