Symptoms or not?

Afternoon everyone,

Every few weeks, I get a horrendous pain behind my eyes, and my nose goes really cold while the rest of my face feels fine.

I’ve also had ‘jumping’ muscles for the last week. My left quad for 3 days intermittently but almost all the time, if that makes sense. It’s done it before the last few months, but not to this extent. Right eyelid was doing the same yesterday, starts on the inside and fires across the top. Today my right shoulder has been doing it. After only an hour or so, I’m left with a heavier feeling body part, and with the exception of my eyelid, I’ve had soreness too.

Are these symptoms? I weight train which could cause the non-eyelid jumping but have had 3 rest days til today.

Also, after 2 consecutive rest days, I find that certain muscles seize up noticeably. Could this be spasticity that is kept at bay as long as I keep moving/training?

Sorry for all the questions, muscular involvement is new to me.

Hi Mrs C, have you seen a neuro yet? The symptoms could be neurological, but as you use a gym, what about having a word with your trainer about the muscle jumps.

have you seen your GP about these issues?


Waiting for another appt. Had one in June that they didn’t notify me about, so I missed it. Grrrrrr. The communication between my GP & neuro is shocking, but all I can do is report symptoms to GP and wait for action.

My MS Nurse doesn’t call back either, which isn’t helping.