Early symptoms of MS?

Hey everyone

I’ve been worring a little lately. I’ve experienced “needles” in my skin, seems like it hits randomly around the body. It happens maybe once a day, and vanished less than a second later. It doesn’t hurt, I just notice it every time.

No MS that i know of in my family.

Had some ear pain a month back, but still sometimes get a “quick” ear pain, the gone like the needles. Also had some pain in my left hip joint, but only when I was outside in the cold and it went away after a few days. May be cardio related, who knows.

I was told about the symptoms from a friend who suffers of MS herself, and got worried about the “tingling”.

Do i have anything to worry about…?

Hello Anon,

I would take a visit to see your doctor as soon as you can to put your mind at rest.



Doubtful. An MS symptom would generally last for at least 24 hours.

But it does sound as though seeing a GP might be a good idea to see what they think.


Thanks, but last night og today, my muscles do weird things. My flot bounces up all by itself, and can der my toes moves randomly too. I get quick muscle contractions in different parts og my body too. Disappears right after, but I’m stsrting to freak out

My feet and toes has started to bounce All by itself, and i her muscle contractions in different parts og my body that just disappears afterwards?? Still No worry?