symptoms of MS or not?

Hi There

Just wondering if anyone has experienced the following symptom of MS; i have started to get very sensitive skin along my stomach and up my sides, very sensitive to touch and when my clothes rub against my skin its a little irritating and uncomfortable. I have also started to get tingling in my toes, never had this before. I have had tingling in my face and fingers before but never my toes - is this common for MS?

Not sure if this is related to my MS or not or if I am just coming down with something? I am currently taking Tecfidera and have been for over a year now.

Your feedback would be much apppreciated.

Thanks Very Much


I used to get sensations like that and my neurologist labelled it as ‘the normal ups and downs associated with MS’. That’s the thing about this disease, the symptoms vary so much. Just keep an eye on it and if anything gets more sever let your MS nurse or neuro know as it could be a relapse. Lisa x

Hi Andrea

I agree with Lisa, if it gets worse contact your MS nurse. It could just be a fleeting blip, but also could herald a relapse. Only you can tell. But don’t wait too long before deciding to get MS nurse involvement. If you need a course of steroids (assuming you’d want them) the earlier in the relapse the better as their aim is to reduce inflammation.


Thankyou so much for replying, i will take it easy this weekend and just see how things go. Hopefully its just an ms blip and nothing else! Thankyou Andrea