Symptoms of MS on a physical side


Hope you are all as well as can be! It has been a long time since I have visited. I have been blogging about MS for some time, I completed blogging about all the physical symptoms of MS I wanted to ask for comments on dealing with all or certain symptoms and how they are overcome or dealt with and the day to day difficulties they may result in. For example difficulty tieing shoe laces or cutting nails and how they affect the more practical side of life with things that many wouldn’t even regard as ‘things’. I hope I make sense, responses would be appreciated!


hi zak

cutting nails has serious repercussions if you aren’t able to do it properly.

i made such a mess of my toe nails that i ended up with ingrowing nails on both big toes!

now i see a chiropodist to have them cut.

carole x

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