Just realised...

MS really does effect most things in life one way or another :frowning:

Hi, Unfortunately yes it does, but its best not to dwell on it instead try to enjoy life and sarvour the good times and…

swear, scream and shout at the bad times.

((((((Big HUGS)))))) Mary

Im starting to try and look for the funny side now… otherwise youd just cry!

‘Life effects Life’

I just think, ‘I have MS’ but this is the only life I know and will get, so whatever is thrown at me I have to deal with.

I might not be able to ‘run around’ after my 10 year old daughter but I can sit, play games, watch movies and chat away with her…PRICELESS!

Now and then, not often, but probably when I’m laughing with one of my sons about something, I actually forget I have MS. Good eh? Teresa xx

It really does effect you in ways that people without ms could not even imagine. I was thinking this morning about some of the changes ms has made to my life. I used to get up at 7 every morning, shower, wash, dry and straighten my hair before putting on some make up to get me through the day and make my way to work. These days I have limited use of my right hand side so can’t stand in the shower for too long, I can’t wash my hair every day because it is too much effort and ditto for straightening it every day. Even if my arm worked well enough to put make up on I still have the effects of ON that hit in December so I can’t see well enough to do it. Not having that routine every morning made me feel really low, but these days when I bump in to people every single person tells me how well I look, how good I look, how great my hair is and how pretty I am. Either ms has given me a natural beauty or I wasn’t very good at doing my hair and make up in the first place!! Zoe x

It does, and always will. The way to deal with it is to be level headed and face up to all of the possibilities. Not doing this makes you an Egyptian…In de Nile…But, with routine,attention to detail and curiosity you can adapt yourself,your enviroment and to a certain extent those around you.

If you don’t react to your situation you will become very needy and people will shy away from you. You show the world that you are ‘up for the fight’ and the world will help you.

Here endeth the lesson, Good luck, Wb


Wise words Wb! Althought I would use ‘challenge’ instead of ‘fight’

E x

And I would spell ‘although’ correctly! Silly me!

E x

Thanks for allaying my confusion E. I was wondering who Al is, and what he had thought. Does anybody know him?

Wb x

Hi, sounds to me like maybe you could use a morning carer to help you.

I started using Direct Payments last year, and my PA is the kindest, most considerate person I have ever known!

I can`t imagine life without my special angel!

luv Pollx

Hi, yes, life is harder with MS/?, but my slogan is;

I may be broken, but Im still here!`

You can borrow it, if you like!

luv Pollzx

I was only chatting to my sister this morning how we used to get on our roller skates and go skating all round the streets meeting our other friends on their skates. Have great fun, having races, and not being tired at all. Do I miss those days, no and yes, I say yes as I’ve now lost contact with those friends, but say no cos I recon if you put me on roller skates now I’d move a darn sight quicker than I do and then I’d still be able to make people laugh!!! Happy memories, but I don’t mourn for those days as now I have a brilliant husband and a son who at times I could strangle, but love them both. Life is so much harder and a hell of a lot different. As an after thought it bloody hurts!!!



Hi Wb

You may not know Al personally but am sure you will know one of the many members of his family, Al-arm, Al-beit, Al-cove, Al-e, Al-gebra, Al-ias, Al-ibi…

Will put the dictionary away now! LOL

Ellie x

Al’s well that, ends well. That’ll be the well that Al owns and it has a good finish.

Wb x

Like ripples in a pond after you chuck in a wee pebble - only MS isn’t a pebble, it’s a massive boulder and doesn’t just make ripples, you better get out of the way fast or you’re going to get wet.

Luisa x