Symptoms causing distress

Hi everyone, I’m a 29 yo Male. I have been experiencing concerning symptoms now for approx 3 years. Due to the nature of the symptoms being vague I.e pins and needles in soles of feet, numbness in arms and legs. The symptoms have progressed to numbness in arms and legs which come and go. Electric shock sensations down my spine, trigeminal neuralgia in my face and severe cramps in my arms and legs. The symptoms are temporary, they can last weeks or days then come back randomly. The past year I have wondered if I may have MS. I felt strange telling my partner because the symptoms seem so vague and quite normal. But I am dropping things Joe frequently than I ever have. I am tripping over Krebs quite often and losing my balance almost daily. Recently my vision deteriorated in my right eye and I have double vision which has not went away. I am under review with neurology, but i don’t know if i am being taken seriously. Its so frustrating because I feel like my life is on pause at the minute. I have an appointment in 2 weeks to see an ophthalmologist and I’m hoping I recieve some answers. Has anyone been in this position of having symptoms and being stuck in limbo land? 8 would love to hear from people who may understand the absolute frustration of these symptoms. Thanks in advance.

Hi Kbncc19 I hope you are not driving still you can’t drive if you have double vision, it’s easy to treat double vision they will give you a plastic prism which will be able to fit on any glasses that you have, if you wear glasses that is. They will do a lot of tests testing both eyes checking all different lenses to find which one will correct your vision. Then you will see a ophthalmologist who will go over a lot of things and ask a lot of questions, they then ask you to come back in in a few months, where they will repeat all the tests again, I was asked at the second appointment to have a MRI to “check” things out. And that was what started my journey here. I went back a third time and had the tests again, this time I asked if I could have a glasses prescription so that I didn’t have the stuck on lens any more, it is so much better. I can’t help you with your deteriorated vision only about the double vision. I had an appointment with the ophthalmologist in July and they put me forward for a MRI which I had in August and in September I got an appointment with the neurologist in October and the lovely drs letter saying that I have forth nerve palsy and demyelinating disease like legions showing in my brain came in November. So I do hope that you at least get your double vision sorted out. Good luck Kay


When you say you are ‘under review’ with neurology, what do you mean? Have you seen a neurologist? Had a history taken and a physical examination? Been referred for any tests? Or told that your physical exam doesn’t show any neurological deficits?

You should be aware that MS has very many symptoms that are shared with other diagnoses. This means that although possibly some of your symptoms (or more than some) might fit an MS diagnosis, they could also fit other disorders.

Really you have to trust in the neurologist. If you are waiting to see one, then hopefully they’ll sort out some tests. If you’ve already seen one, then maybe your in a ‘wait and see what happens’ situation. Which is difficult to live with.

The ophthalmologist should be able to see if there is, or has been, any damage to the optic nerve, so it’s good that you have that soon.

Best of luck.