Symptom question

Hi I am still waiting for my LP redults very patiently. Just a general question. Does anyone suffer with extreme night sweats and insomnia. Are these known MS symptoms? (Not menopausal.) Thanks in advance

Hi, not sure if they are MS symptoms or just part of the blessed diseased but yes I used to suffer sweats and insomnia. Calmed it all down now with Mirtazapene. I still get the sweats if I go to bed with something on my mind, such as something I don’t want to do the next day.

Thank you for answering

Kim, I have dreadful insomnia. Part of my MS for definite.

I sweated a lot when the go put me on Prozac for my insomnia. I have now stopped the Prozac.

kindest thoughts Ali

Thank you Ali.

Hello Kim, I had terrible insomnia for years. Completely resolved after i started taking liquid b12 !