Symptom?? or just wierdness?

I have RRMS diagnosed 3 years ago. I had another relapse last August which took a few months to get better. Over the past few days I have been getting a wierd sensation in my right leg like a buzzing I suppose, not painful in any way, but it feels like my leg is going to give way when I’m walking on it but even when I am sat here it feels just wierd. I can’t explain it very well. I wonder if this is the start of another relapse or just another symptom or completely unrelated.

This is going to sound stupid, but you know wen you go over a bridge and you get that feeling in your tummy (butterfly …ish), well that’s the kind of feeling I have in my leg. Told it was going to sound stupid!!

When I was walking just before my leg did give a little wobble on a couple of occasions and kind of took a few seconds to ‘remember’ what to do.

Was just wondering what you guys thought. Am I just well, wierd!!!

I’m not dx, but you have exactly described what is going on with my leg at the moment, and what I’ve been struggling to explain for a while now!

Perhaps you should mention it to your MS Nurse? I’d be interested to hear what they think.

you’re not weird, ms is weird!

my neuro is very understanding and accepts my garbled account of my problems then he rewords it in a medical sense.

it’s because our nerves are affected so our brains get messages that aren’t real.

my son had a finger amputated 15 years ago and he still sometimes says that his finger is killing him - the nerves are telling him stuff that is definitely not real.

tell your ms nurse and dont worry about how it sounds.

carole xx

Nette, your description is a perfect description of what I’ve been feeling in both of my legs for a few months.

They just feel weird, when I walk, sit or whatever else. I suppose nobody can really understand that until they feel it themselves!

Alex x


iv bin havin that buzzing feeling for 2 weeks and its now burning feel like iv got sun burn on my legs arms and some times my face, buzzing burning and tingling not a great combination …is it a start of a relapes or just another thing 2 put up with ???



let your ms nurse know about it.

probably another thing to put up with but he/she may be able to suggest a neuro painkiller.

carole x

Hi. I am not Dxed but I think I know the feeling you are describing. It’s a cross between a tickly feeling and the feeling you get when they test your reflexes. And I know what you mean about the butterfly feeling. In the leg I get that feeling in, I recently had a Physio confirm weakness in anterior tibialis and hip flexors and some hyperreflexia and possible high tone. So reckon you should tell someone in case it’s a relapse… Leah :slight_smile:

I think you should definitely do what Pigpen is saying.

I was speaking with my MS Nurse yesterday and told her about weird sensations, tingling etc. and she said that probably I would have a neuro appointment soon because there are medications that can help with such things. Probably it would be similar in your case!

take care x

hi everyone

Thank you… yes spoke to my ms nurse this am and said its just another thing to deal with unfortunatly, she has incresed my pregabaline tabs for the weekend till i c my Dr monday am

have a well and safe weekend everyone

paula xx.