New symptom

Hello all,

Apologies for posting a symptom that is quite trivial compared to some peoples symptoms in here.

I was diagnosed about 18 monts ago with RRMS, since then, i ve always had a weird feeling in my left leg when i move my neck a certain way. However, the last 3 weeks, that feeling has been constant in my leg when walking, my question is…is this a relapse? and will this weird feeling settle down?

thanks in advance


Hello Ian,

it’s a possibily as MS does funny things to us all. On the other hand it could be something else entirely so may I suggest you visit your gp and see what they have to say. The nervous system is weird and does odd things, so, yes it could be a relapse or the end of your last relapse as after each relapse something is always left behind. Sorry if I sound gloomy but check it out with your gp, please.