Swimming using chair Provded

Hi everyone

I haven’t been into the water for over 20 years as I have 'dry skin eczema and the chlorine makes it much worse. I now use Double base gel; which has been a godsend. A friend in my ms group who doesn’t have ms herself tells me there is a chair provided by the leisure centre that I can use to help me into the water and I can also use it in the shower, this sounds like the perfect solution. She has said that the next time she goes she will take me with her.

Has anyone else used a chair like this and what experiences have you had?

Thank you for any information that you give.

Hi Corkie , we have brio leisure clubs in this area. I used to go to a disabled swim at one of the clubs. They had a chair on a platform which lowered you into the pool it was very good. I used to leave Frazer ( assistance dog ) in the foyer with the staff and park my power chair at the side of the pool and transfer into a pool chair which they lowered into the pool. It’s a shame because I miss going , I’d gone for years with my autistic daughter and always driven there, that was before I got my disability and needed a wheelchair. Now I’m not allowed to drive and although I’ve managed to go the odd time the bus service is terrible. It’s at 8 PM till 9 PM on Tuesday nights and by that time the buses have stopped. I hope that you find something local to you. Michelle and Frazer xx