Hello Everyone,

Just a quick question, today i had to have a dr come out and visit me after i bad water infection last year that put me in hospital my mobility is terrible so housebound.

Anyways Dr came to see me due to swelling in both legs and red and rather warm and a feeling of burning and when i tough the legs were they are red they are quite hot well i left it 2 weeks because i thought it was inflammation, also i had a UTI and after 2 courses of antibiotics it didn’t clear i still have symptoms of stinging when i empty bladder and same feeling when sat down.

Any advice is greatly appreciated

Thanks Marie xx

Hello Marie, Do you think it might be cellulitus, not sure how its spelt but my mother in law has had it a few time and it often starts with swelling and heat that travels up your leg, she always needs antibiotics.

I hope that you feel better soon

Michelle x

Hi, I can’t offer advice but i’m curious as to what your Doctor said.

Jan x

He told me name of it but I forgot he put me on 500 mg antibiotic 3 times a day and got me to do a urine sample for the uti I had that’s not cleared after 2 courses of antibiotics last infection that I had for 6 months put me in hospital and if my legs don’t clear after I’ve tried 2 different antibiotics I could be admitted again but I don’t want that.

thanks for advice.

Marie Xx

Ah ok Marie, sorry to ask I’m just nosy. If it was me I’d be ringing the surgery and asking the receptionist to have a look in my notes to remind me what he called it.

Best wishes hope you get some relief soon.

Jan x

Have you had a blood test?

My last two uti were not uti’s but inflation elsewhere.


My GP came out and said it is Cellulitis and it can take 8 weeks to clear up, i jave been on 3 courses of antibiotics still on them over christmas too, ah well and my legs are very wobbly :frowning: