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I get numb alot but tightness and stiffness is worse for me meds that i take don’t really help, but last year i had a uti that caused ne ti get cellulitus and took anti-biotics lots of them and i was ok but that was december i still have selling can’t seem to get it to go in my left leg at all.

Another thing since cellulitus i am cold all the time even when it isn’ cold, i don’t know why i spoke to dr had bloods done and it all seems fine, also ive had floaters in my eyes since 2013 and last time i saw eye dr he said they will go back to normal feels like i’m waiting forever for that to happen.

Any advice regarding stiffness tizanadine doesn’t work infact nothing does at the moment i see neuro in august i don’t see ms nurses but i do call them if i need anything im only 36 and feel like 90 i have a wheel chair now the first uti knocked me for 6 :frowning:

now i test myself regular for those bloody uti i had no it would stop my mobility this bad.


Marie x

My MS nurse even called UTI’s a ‘pseudo-relapse’ - and it’s true, however you’re doing a UTI messes with it all! I also have a canister of dipsticks in my cupboard - it makes ife much easier.

As for the mobility, for me it’s been the toughest bit. I’ve just turned 46 and I walk with crutches or a walker - 4 years ago I was doing silly things on a pole (that’s me in my profile pic).

You’ve hit the nail on the head for me when you say about tightness - I say one hand is ‘kinda numb, but I can still feel it’ - tightness is exactly what it is.

I take baclofen and try to stretch a lot for the stiffness. The other thing I take is nabilone, it’s a man-made cannabanoid and I really notice if I ever miss it for a few days. I also have magnesium spray, massaged in helps

Sonia x

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