Dear all

Haven’t been on this site for many years as I was finally diagnosed with FND, however, after a recent visit to the doctor I would appreciate some input.

I had a problem with my shoulder/neck - very painful but no loss of movement. For two nights running the pain woke me up and it seemed like all the muscles in my back were locked solid and I couldn’t turn over. My husband helped me shift my position and it gradually subsided. I thought I had possibly hurt it somehow or slept in a funny position. I saw a physio at a local gym and she referred me to my GP as she thought maybe an mri would be useful if there was any nerve compression in my neck. She also asked if I had any problems swallowing and I told her I was fine with food and drink but struggled to swallow my own saliva sometimes. Saw the GP and when he asked about the swallowing I told him the same and also explained that I did think this had got a lot more frequent over the last year. At this point he said he would refer me for an mri and then added “You may have a touch of ms”. Honestly, this is exactly what he said. Frankly, it seemed to me the most ridiculous comment ever - as far as I am aware you cannot have a “touch of ms”. Any ideas what he was getting at? I was so amazed by what he said I didn’t ask him (plus I have dreadful brain fog!!).



hi sara

ooops (on behalf of your gp).

go for the mri and let things take their course.

you know from this forum that there is life after diagnosis.

good luck

carole x

I agree Sara, it does seem a ridiculous statement, in fact it was irresponsible of your doctor, without any medical evidence!

Put his comment behind you & as Carole says, have the mri to find out what’s going on. Good luck

Chrissie x