I am currently on the NHS waiting list, for the waiting list for Neurology. Lately I have the sensation of food sticking in my throat and moving slowly when I eat. Pain is my main symptom elsewhere and pins and needles from the knees down is why I am being referred, the swallowing issue has just started and I haven’t told anyone. I had an MRI on my cervical spine to assess my cervical spondylosis some years back, apart from that and osteopenia nothing else was mentioned back then, though I am not sure if the scanner is the same. My fatigue is high. I have problems walking sometimes. The swallowing thing is new but I don’t want a camera down my throat as I am afraid of that. I’m not depressed and I don’t have anxiety, though pain lowers my mood when it’s blinding.

Hi FoxyLoxy I’ve just started a thread asking for advice for almost identical symptoms! My advice would be to see your GP asap, but tell him/her that you have a fear of having a camera down your throat. They can’t make you have anything done that you don’t agree to, but, for what it’s worth, I have a couple of friends who have both had it done recently and they both agree it’s not anywhere near as bad as they were expecting. Apparently, you can opt for sedation which means neither of them were really aware of what was going on and don’t remember anything much of the procedure at all. Anyway, it’s not at all certain you’re GP will even suggest it. I’m seeing my GP again on Friday, so will let you know how I get on. In the meantime, I have found eating less at one time, eating slower, taking smaller mouthfuls and chewing really well does help a bit. PD xx


i have had probs swallowing-i ended up losin 5 stone. 3/4 of my head was numb so when food was in my mouth i had no idea where it was and so the swallowing action didnt start. a speech therapist visited me at home and explained what was happening. i also lost taste. its almost returned now but not completely and i have to aware of the position my head/neck is in. mri confirmed plaque on swallowing/speech area.

its scary but relax as much as poss. tensing up will make it worse.


Hello my brother has swollowing problems. He doesn’t have MS but they discovered he has an allergic reaction to some foods that makes his throat swell slightly. So they have given him something so he doesn’t get this reaction. He has to be careful about what he eats including meat as he finds that difficult to swallow and has to make sure its vey small pieces with gravy or sauce on.

Hope you get some answers soon x

I have recently been diagnosed with relapsing remitting ms. One of my current symptoms is difficulty swallowing. I have mentioned this symptom to my neurologist and my ms specialist and they both say this is common in ms, so dont be too worried as this is more than likely a symptom of ms rather than something requiring a camera being put down your throat. I also suffer from chronic fatigue, problems walking due to balance issues, and pins in needles and numbness in different parts of my body.

Hope this helps


Sorry to hear all that. I also have Crohn’s disease, so I think it’s fair to say (after having countless tests,scans, colonoscopies and exams) I’m pretty experienced with digestion issues. I’ve had swallowing issues, I know that is MS related as I know the difference between my Crohns ( which I’ve had 10 years) and the MS. Sometimes stress can cause IBS, which in itself can cause problems with the digestive tract which is mouth to bottom. You need to see a. GP to get the ball rolling on what your issues are down to. There are X-rays and scans they can do to find out that doesn’t having a camera down your throat. A barium meal X-ray could be done? It involves swallowing a paste,which doesn’t taste of anything…if anything it’s a bit chalky. They X-ray at intervals to see what’s going on. You do not have to have any test you are not happy about. It’s your choice, so don’t let any dr railroad you into having a test you’re not comfortable with. Best of luck and keep us posted xx