Swallowing heartburn problems and ms ???

Hi, Does anyone suffer from swallowing and acid problems ??? I have rrms. I have been suffering a lot with burning in my throat. It burns right through my back. I am on Omeprozole, but I am still getting problems. The consultant is sending me for further test but said it could be because of the ms. I have had a camera to investigate and I had a bug that was cured with antiobiotics. The consultant wants to know why I am not responding to the Omeprozole and other anti acid medication. Has anyone experienced these symptoms because of ms, any advise please would be appreciated thanks.

Hi, I don’t get heart burn at the moment but have done in the past, I was on Omeprozale but was swapped to a Lanspranol which is similar but worked better 30mg perhaps a try that for a while my doctor said it’s better than Omeprozale.

I had it for hiatus hernia which was diagnosed over 10 years ago.

As for swallowing I have had a throat infection and a bad chesty cough caught from Air con on plane when I recently went abroad.

I had terrible time swallowing during this time, even now my throat infection has gone I still struggle with eating certain things especially with bread and pizza. I was worried it was my ms. It is gradually getting better but it has been six weeks of stress with regards to eating and I have lost 6 lbs now due to this.

I now think I’m anxious when it comes to eating.