hi all

i just want to boast about my surviving a monsoon and a flood at portmeirion festival.

the festival was great - it suits my personality being quirky!

however on saturday night my leg went into spasm and i kicked so hard i broke the zip on my sleeping bag.

brrrr! i was so cold that i put on every garment i had with me including coat and wellies then managed to doze off only to be woken by a flood because the tent was leaking!

i stashed my belongings in the car and then went back to the tent only to see it flying over the field!!!

now my way of coping with any disaster is to make a wisecrack so “this is not kansas toto”

the site had to be shut down by health & safety until 2.00 pm but the only thing i was bothered about was a coffee.

i wouldnt be right until i got my caffeine fix.

one of the security guards told me that the restaurant in the castle did a great breakfast so i went there.

now bearing in mind that this was the only place open, the queue was a mile long but needs must when the devil drives so i queued. when i got to the front of the queue the coffee machine was broken!

just as cold turkey was setting in, a passing band decided to get their gear out of the van and did an impromptu gig.

they were very good, and a weirder bunch you couldnt hope to meet.

the music was like the soggy bottom boys played in oh brother where art thou (my fave george clooney film)

anyway that was all i needed to lift my spirits until the site was opened again.

so my highlights of the festival were:-

john cooper clark, I AM KLOOT, johnny marr, my survival skills and the reconnection of my ability to find portmeirion without satnav!!

bring on next years festival number 6

carole x

i wondered how you were doing and thought about you…wishing i was there instead of having my MRI.

Well done you!


i wondered how you were doing and thought about you…wishing i was there instead of having my MRI.

Well done you!


Youre a glutton for punishment! Still, youre doing what you wanna do, and there`s nowt wrong with your determination, for sure!

Go girl!


Crazy girl! It sounds like it was worth it just for Johnny Marr tho :smiley:

Sonia x

gillian - it was great again and i’m going next year too.

boudicca - its my stubborn streak that keeps me going

sonia - johnny marr was fab but I AM KLOOT were too.

john cooper clark is still the foul mouthed bloke with the mad hair that ki remember seeing in 1978.

he doesnt look a day older whilst i’m ageing a year every hour!

carole x