Suprapubic Catheters for men

Hubby has been in hospital for 2 weeks hopefully home Saturday after another UTI with ISC. He has been advised to have a SPC and they say it will be in 1 months time. I have read on one NHS leaflet online that you are MORE likely to get uti’s with them. Yet the doctors at the hospital say different…very confused.

What is your experience with it.

Thank you



You have been giving some conflicting advice - an SPC is less of a risk of uti’s then ISC. Thats why so many of us have had it done. lts not ‘risk free’ of uti’s. But the lesser of two evils. Don’t forget that it is easily reversible - The ‘site’ starts healing up in 15mins of having the catheter removed. As with anything to do with bladder problems - its the same old mantra - drink lots of water. This dilutes the urine - flushes out sediment/infection. The catheter for a SPC - is changed every 4/5 weeks - compare that to the times you would insert a ISC - several times a day - and this is the only way you risk introducing an infection.

l do feel that a SPC would benefit you - as a carer - as well as your hubby. lt must be very degrading for a man to have to ISC. A SPC would boost his self-esteem and he would be happier and more comfortable.

Any luck with the stair-lift?