HELP - Suprapubic catheter 2nd August

Hi all,
My husband has MS and has for years been doing ISC with my help as he has tremors in his hands.
We make sure that we are extra careful with hygiene but yet infection have been happening on a regular basis.
My husband was on prophylaxic antibiotics for years but 3 weeks ago he was in hospital because he had E Coli in his urine and a month before that pseudomonas. The hospital where hubby was admitted said that the antibiotics should stop as a long term basis because the bugs were getting resistant to them. They also recommended that he try the Suprapubic catheter instead of the in and out of the ISC and as hubby had given it ago they thought it was now time to try something else.

The appointment has been booked for the 2nd August but having read somethings on here regarding SPC hubby may be worse off…When he is ill he is very ill and confused and temp last was 39.4C in June.
We just don’t know whether to carry on and go for it, but then he is il with the ISC also.



Hi oh poor hubby and you too!

Now I know you may have read some not so good reports on here about SPC.

BUT Campion and others are great adverts ofr SPC.

I dare say she`ll see your post on send you a positive reply.

As you say, your man has not been to good with ISC, so maybe SPC will work well for him, eh. I hope so.

luv Pollx

Thanks Polly it is all a bit nerve testing at times…


Yeh, I know hun.

luv Pollx


As you know - l have had my spc for 18yrs. Rarely have a uti - and if do usually two days worth of anti-b’s knock it on the head. Your hubby should be so much more comfortable with a spc - and it is easier for carers. Mine is changed every 5weeks by the district nurse - although for some years l had a lovely lady from Wilkinsons who was brilliant. They are the company l order my caths/bags from and they have their own nurses. So do enquire with your GP about having the ‘professionals’ in. lts all on prescription. Do insist your hubby has a silicone cath - not latex - and also a must for him is a silver tipped cath. Silver is best against infection. So make sure they give him a good start. Speak to the urologist and tell him that you want a silver-tip cath for him - even if you have to order it yourself prior to his op. As some hospitals have had to cut back on so many things.

pm me if you need any help.


Caz - just google silver tipped foley catheter.