Supra Pubic I've done it

Sorry I posted a thread but the new but the new commentary board didn’t.

Whats going on .


Oh Ronin!

So how did it go?




All the appointments for a scan, preop and op were on consecutive days and all seemed to happen so quick.

Think they weren’t giving me time to bottle out.

All went quit well.

The doctors, nurses and staff were brill.

Dignity was maintained at all times.

Had a few issues at first but worked them out.

No pain whatsoever, although just been out in the WAV and I think I will give it a miss for a while, a little uncomfortable now.

On the whole things seem OK.


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Yeh, you need to let it settle. After I had mine fitted in the July, I went on holiday the following September and it proved too soon. Take it steady chuck!x