Supra pubic catheter

Hi Has anyone got one of these catheters? I’ve had mine almost 3 years and have always had problems especially on having it changed. Today I’ve had a change and this is the worst pain since having it done! I’m having horrendous spasms and in so much pain. I was wondering what others experiences are with it? Thanks

Hi,so sorry you are having a rough time with your supra pubic catheter

i have had one for years and can only say it was a godsend to me

i have the odd UTI but it nearly allways goes when i up my fluid intake

and have a carton of cranberry juice.


  • How often are you having it changed. l have to have mine changed every 4/5 weeks - any longer then it becomes difficult to get out. l have had a SPC over 18yrs - and mine has been also a ‘godsend’. l use Sativex - and l find a couple of sprays of this -under my tongue - helps stop the spasms and makes it much easier for the nurses to change the catheter. They do say that they should also have a ‘spray’. l find the best catheters are the silicone ones.
  • Do not use the latex ones as they do cause your body to react against them. There is a brilliant website called Streetsie - it has a section just on SPC’s- these are all disabled men and women and children some with ms. They can answer all your questions.
  • Do pm me if you need any personal advice,
  • Frances.