support for day trips

Hello. I am currently trying to support a lady with MS who is bed bound- to have a day trip out. will need an adapted minibus and a person to support with personal needs. Does anyone know of any clubs or groups in the north east that could help make this happen? or have any experience of this themselves? please get in touch thankyou :slight_smile: it would make such a difference to this lady

If she is bed bound can she actually use a wheelchair? Does she need to be hoisted? Whoever you approah will need to know the fine details.

Social service is no good, they rarely do socialisation calls anymore. Can she afford to employ carers privately?

Iโ€™m on another forum for wheelie users, will ask there

You could contact your local MS group if you canโ€™t find them I imagine the MS Society will be able to tell you where they are based.

Best wishes

Jan x