Hi all, Since the suns been out I’ve been sitting in it after the vitamin D. It seems to be making me even more dizzy than usual! I’m going to Spain in Sept and I’m getting worried! :frowning: anyone had these effects, any advice appreciated Cheers. Ben

I definitely get dizzier when I’m warmer. Also, bright sunshine makes my eyes go funny and seems to throw my balance! Not good. Are you dizzy all the time or just when relapsing (if you have relapses)? Maybe it’ll get better before your holiday. Hope so x

I had a weeks holiday in Croatia in April - the temperature ranged from 27-32 daily. I was worried before I went because I’d read people that had said that their symptoms were worse in the heat - but I can honestly say I felt better there. The humidity here seems somehow different than on holiday. So try not to worry and just look forward to enjoying a nice well deserved relaxing break!

Hi sunflower, No I’m dizzy all the time, I’ve got spms so no remiting for me! I’m going tbough for my 2yr old boy, wouldn’t miss it 4 the world… I’ll get a hat! :slight_smile:

Hi Ben

I’m the same as you - sun is good, but then if I get too warm I feel pretty rough. And as Karina says, it seems like humid heat is worse. So make sure you’re keeping a close eye on how hot you’re feeling.

I don’t know what Spain is like for humidity, but make sure you’re able to keep cool - maybe take a little pocket fan, and have iced drinks. You can also get a drink bottle called EZ Freeze by Cool Gear, which has a removable rod in the middle. The rod is liek the freezer blocks you use with cool bags. So you put the rod in the freezer, then when it’s froxen you insert it into the drink bottle and it keeps your drink cool. Tesco stock it for a fiver, or you can get them online.

Hope you have a great holiday.


Hi all, Thx for your input, I’ll def pop in tescos for a cup! My plan is to get one of those.straw cowboy type hats and lay in the sea playing with my 2yr old son, his 1st proper holiday and we’re visiting my 1st holidays beach! Ain’t seen “moraira” for 30yrs!! Viva espania!.. :slight_smile:

cool ties, scarves and wrist bands are good too - all you need is water to dampen them…