Hi all, Been sitting in the sun lately and it makes me even more dizzy and makes my vision go haywire! Going to Spain in Sept and I don’t want to ‘hide’ from the sun… any advice? Would be greatly appreciated. Thx Ben

Hi Ben, unfortunately it’s Uthoff’s Syndrome… common with MS. I get it too.

The only advice is to keep as cool as possible. Wear a hat. Wear 100% cotton clothing. Take cool showers (but not cold as you will get hotter half hour later). Drink plenty of water. Stay in the shade as much as possible. Buy one of those little battery hand fans.

All the usual really. But yes, Uthoff’s affects vision, dizziness and can make all symptoms feel worse. Also I get the feeling of big pins being stuck in my back! Not pleasant.

Try not to do the ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun’… but do as the Spanish do… activity in morning and evening, a nice siesta in cool room from midday and the afternoon.

Hope you have a fabulous time,

All the best,

Pat x

Same here im afraid. I went to Cyprus lasy year and the temprature hit 50 degrees. Although i always had the sea to cool off in, i found that keeping your feet cool helped a lot, no socks etc. Have a great time.

ypu can also get cool vests and scarfs but i just sat in the shad , better that getting burned enjoy your holiday