sunshine and ms


i thought i’d share my theory on the above.

my ms is playing up some day but not others.

i’m getting outside as often as possible to soak up that vitamin d

but i’ve realised its not the sun making my legs wonky, its the beer.

i don’t usually drink much if any but these glorious days make me feel like going to a beer garden.

carole (hungover but happy)


Hello Carole, just be careful of getting to hot-it turns me into jelly! best wishes, Steve x.

hi steve

its not too hot this week, quite pleasant during the day but at night… its so hot upstairs! have to keep coming dowm to cool off.

carole x

Hi Pigpen,

I find it’s the sugar. So when I go out now I just drink soda water, very boring but keeps those jelly legs at bay.

Adrian x