Summer must be here!!!

Freezing cold outside, but it was dry…and nearly May. First barbecue of the year tonight!!! OK - we ate inside, but the effort was there. It was delicious!!! Here’s hoping for many more. Wishing you all a pleasant evening. Al

Our little old lady cat went out for a 10-minute toodle a couple of days ago. That’s a sure sign summer must be here soon!

She goes out rarely and sits in the sun for a few minutes. Usually! Not this week. She investigated next door’s front garden, AND the next front garden. She must be feeling the summer coming :slight_smile:

Hi Al,

Well done for starting your summer, its been nitherin here but sunny, the wind has been whoopin up from the coast and was far too cold to do much this morning, but this afternoon the wind calmed and it was warm,sunny and i managed to get my lawn cut for the first time. I’m done in now but I feel i can really take advantage of any forthcoming sunny days to garden and cutting the lawn was my start hopefully to a summer of barmy days and warm evenings pottering with a glass of chardonnay to counteract any dehydration.

Enjoy your evening


Keeping hydrated is vital through the imminent hot spell!!! My wife would agree with you about the Chardonnay. I’m more of a robust red man myself - but on a warm afternoon, a chilled white is always most welcome. Sun shining again today. Might visit our local vineyard. Denbies in Dorking. Look it up. As English wines go, the whites are very good (if a little on the pricey side). Al

Hi, well I got my white denim jacket out of hibernation on friday.

I am just fed up of wrapping up like an inuit.

Yes, it was too cold once I got out, but hey, I felt better for seeing the sun and blue sky.

Hey Joy! I envy you living near the coast…I`m well inland in West Yorkshire.

luv Pollx