Suggestions please!

Hi, again! Now for a sensible post! Has anyone got ideas of how to get rid of the aching/ pain in my arms and hands? They are so numb , and so sore… and stiff Any ideas for help? Much appreciated, Jo xx :cry:

I take Lyrica (pregablin) but only at night as they make me very drowsy V

Gabapentin or pregabalin help neuropathic pain but not muscular pain. The standard med for that is baclofen. So the best med depends on what the cause of the pain is. I’m on pregabalin and it’s brilliant now, but the side effects the first 3 or 4 weeks were NOT nice. Still, I’m glad my MS nurse persuaded me to persevere. I’m also on baclofen. It was much easier to get used to and it works really well, but you have to be careful about not taking too much because it can make your muscles too relaxed. Hth :slight_smile: Karen x

The aching hands… what do you do when your job involves a lot of computer work? I’m a photographer, so I’m either holding a camera, or replying to emails, or editing photos.

Lately my hands have been stiffer and more achey a lot sooner after waking, which I suspect is due to the tremors. They’re only slight and I don’t notice them til holding a fork though.

Have you ever tried a TeNS machine? Cheryl:-)

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Sheriz in USA has been concerned about you. Me too!

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I have exactly the same problem even though I am on maximum dose gabapentin already. My hand and leg are just so stiff and painful, I wonder if I need baclofen too. Can you drive if you are taking baclofen? I can’t drive currently as my left hand is just not working well enough.