Suffering with endometriosis and suspected MS

Hello, I’m 25 and have been suffering for about 3 years.
I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, my symptoms started to get worse and alot of pain in my right leg so we thought it infiltrated the nerves around my pelvic area. After I had a pelvic infection everything got a thousand times worse. Its been 6 months and I can’t walk only a few steps.
But not all my symptoms are endometriosis symtoms and I suspect MS. I went to two neurologist one was in the ER months ago and the other didn’t even check me properly and said that I’m too young to even have any a neurological illness and I need physical rehab.
I would love to hear if this sounds familiar to anyone:
I have pain all down my left leg, and I can’t lift my leg at all. I use a walker or wheelchair to get around. It feels like my leg weighs about 100kg

I have all around pelvic pain so bad that I can only stand up for a minute.
Tingling in my legs and all my lower back and spine pain.
I have really bad stability and I fall alot especially if I stand up I immediately fall backwards.
Twitching in my legs. And recently I had a flare up of numbness in my arm and really bad tremors.
My fingers spasm in a weird way in my right arm when I relax my arm down.

The best way incan describe it is if I out a hair band on my leg and my arm. And stabbing pains. it’s very weird…

Btw all the test show that my reflexes are fine.

A few years ago I went to an ms specialist with just my tingling in my legs and bc it was the first attack and I had no weakness there was no need to test.
I am trying to book with her but it’s a long wait.

I’ve had mri done of my pelvic area and pelvic bones. And low spine and everything was completely fine…expect I’m definitely not fine!

Does this at all sound like ms to anyone?