Sue and Shazzie

Mornin’ ladies.

I’ve done it. Easy peasy!

Having spectacularly failed to lie on the bed and examine my anatomy in a mirror, and without even watching the DVD I took your advice.

​I opted for the Lofric you mentioned, Sat on the loo, had a little feel - Eureka got it in the right place first time!

Done it once, can do it again, and again, and again.

Already I’m feeling better, it’s so nice not having the constant feeling of needing the loo.

I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner.

Thank you so much for your support and advice xx xx


Hooray for you. Brilliant. Once you get over the initial fear, it’s an easy thing. Mind you, there can still be days where it takes me a couple of goes, so don’t be discouraged if it’s not quite that simple each & every time. But at least now you know it’s doable. And it changes your life to be a bit more confident about your bladder.


Yey!!! Hooray!!!

I am so pleased. Well done you!!

Shazzie xx