the loo is now my new best friend

i’m forever having to visit the loo - nighttime is at least every 2 hrs. is this par for the course or have i to gear myself up for a trip to the quack. used to be ok at first but with mobility probs. bad it is now beyond a joke. thx

I recon that might be one for your GP as a first port of call. Could be a number of reasons why you need to keep going but your GP will be able to rule out or in a few straight away whilst your their. Better safe than sorry and he/she might be able to fix things quite swiftly.
Good luck!

Hi, when I had to see a continence nurse, she told me to try a trick of when you have finished, take your time, and then lean forward and try and squeeze some more wee out (she did call it something but I have forgotten). This really does seem to work,
Lynne x


Thanks for mentioning that, I will certainly give that a try.