Last night's entertainment

Around 3am, I got up to go the en suite loo. Legs are very wobbly so sat down, did my business and as usual grabbed the bath to get back up. Like the grand old duke of York, When I got halfway up, the legs collapsed and my bum clattered off the toilet seat and I ended up on the floor. My long-suffering wife was wakened by the commotion and came running through to see what the fuss was about.

i managed to get on my feet, got back into bed and then had to face the Spanish Inquisition. After telling her repeatedly that I was fine, she asked again if I was ok, I told her that the only thing That hurt was my bum and to try and lighten the mood, I said that she could kiss it better if she wanted. Oh dear! Now to be fair she was getting up at 6.30am to go to work, but she let rip with a sentence that contained so many swear words that her old English teacher would be overjoyed with her expressiveness.

She he can’t be that mad because before she left for work,she asked (without using any swear words) if I was ok. I told her that I was.



Okay Derek…this weak legs mallarky…if you think it will happen again…I have an easy solution for you…

get a urine bottle for night time use…take it to bed…

Hope the missus is ok when she gets home.


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She’s home from work and she’s being nice to me which is scary!

What about the bottle?


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Why not look at the following website:

There are many products available. I have just been in touch and about to receive sample sheath and leg bag and a similar product for overnight where you can attach the bag to the bed.

I do not know how old you are, but they are available on prescription.

As part of the process you receive a device to measure the diameter of a certain bodily part, which I am sure you and your wife would find amusing. You will also have to face the prospect of revealing your dimension to the sales lady who will ring you at some point, should you go ahead and seek a sample.

In addition, have you contacted your local OT department for a raised toilet seats with arms to help you up? I have these and they are brilliant.

I apologise if you know all this stuff already.

Best wishes


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Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Night time visits to the loo ordinarily don’t bother me. Ordinarily I go do my business, without the lights going on, get back in to bed, go back to sleep without a fuss. It was the wacky legs that caused the issue last night. Hopefully that was a one off.


But if it does occur again…why not a bottle at the ready?


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Argh! If only it was as ‘easy’ for us laydeez as it is for the fellas! Would love an easy bedtime option, but only because I hate getting out of bed in the middle of the night…

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Loretta or any other ladies out there try getting referred to a continence nurse as I have to self catherterise now as I wasn’t emptying my bladder fully and kept getting UTI’s. Anyway I do the procedure during the day and just before I go to bed and now I sleep through the night.

Polly x

I do ISC too, but I still wake up every night sometime between 2 and 4am and have to catheterise then!! So it doesn’t always follow that emptying your bladder last thing will always result in a full uninterrupted sleep… ah bliss, I remember what that was like.

I’m rather envious of Pollypocket71.


I tried self catheterisation once a few years ago. I almost got to to the point of no return and I just couldn’t get over the final hurdle and I “bottled” it and couldn’t go the whole way. That experience put me off self catheterisation so much, I’ve never tried it again. Right now, I’m happy to visit the loo frequently, wear pads and also suffer the occasional accident. Not great I know but you gotta do what you gotta do to survive this MS mullarkey.


I think it’s very different for chaps. There is longer to go to reach the bladder for one thing, and when this subject came up before, I think there’s an additional ‘push’ you have to do to get round your bits n pieces.


What about the bottle?


Watch the wacky legs, Derek.

Almost this time last year, I got up one morning and the legs would not hold me up.
Two paramedics and an air-bag lifter got me back into bed, but the same thing happened that evening.
The next day, the family called a GP, who called an ambulance, who took me to A&E.
Then I am admitted to Intensive Care, with severe pneumonia (a very near thing, I was told after).

My knees are still not strong, but it was the total failure of the legs that triggered a month in hospital.
Now, if the legs look a bit weak, I get a thermometer stuffed nto my mouth.