Success... Me 1:MS 0

Just thought I would share what I feel is a brilliant personal achievement, I went through the whole of final year of university whilst going through my MS diagnoses, with a positive diagnosis being given 2 weeks before the start of my final exams. As I’m sure those of you who have had this diagnosis know it’s a very difficult journey and mine was swamped with depression too, but I got my results a couple of days ago and have achieved a bachelor of science in forensic science at a 2:1. I feel this is me winning my first MS battle, and thought I would share it with you!! Lynz

Well done-a fantastic achievement, you are obviously made of strong stuff to cope with your degree,final year and getting a diagnosis.

Enjoy your graduation ceremony whenever it is.


Well done !!! FANTASTIC Youv’e got M.S but it has’nt got you !!!

Well done. Definitely an achievement.x

Excellent news! Well done! I love hearing good news xxxx

Congratulations Lynz

Con…grat…u…lations…it’s a hard slog getting through uni as it is so really well done to ya xx

great news lynsey!

well done you and pppthhh! to ms.

enjoy floating on your cloud of achievement.

carole x


well done Lynsey. Getting the news you passed your degree is cause enough of celebration and dong it with a MS diagnosis is amazing. You should be very proud of yourself.

Now - I’ve had this idea for a perfect murder - I’ll PM the details if you could check it out hehehe


Well done, Lynz

That would be a fantastic achievement for anybody but to achieve that result whilst in the midst of being diagnosed is flipping fantastic. Enjoy the celebrations

Tracey x

Well done. x

Thanks all

Try again, it only posted half my message… Thanks all… It was an emotional day!!! When I think how many times I nearly gave up and concentrated on the diagnosis, it took all my strength not to… Now I have gained that result on my degree I’m so glad I battled through… Makes the battle of the last 16 months have at least one positive at the end!! Sure it will be the first of many battles against MS I will have now I have the positive diagnosis. Lynz x

How amazing! Well done you!

Huge well done! Exciting degree subject x

Well done Lynz a wonderful achievement. Jan x