Hello all well there we go after 19 months of waiting I have now been told its MS but not sure what type ppms is the probable one because I have not had any relapse but I have several lessions where ms is most positive( if that makes sence) and my l/p was positive ect ect but its not that far advanced so im feeling better if that makes any sence at all, because least I know im not going mad , been told by neuro that I make it what it is if I want to sit back and feel sorry for my self so be it but I can make it better by physio and pain management and can make my self better if I have a positive attitude to it all , so there we go keep taking the pills keep smiling and all will be well in the world so thats what I in tend to do. If it wasn’t for this forum I would most probably have gone mad so thanks to you all for your support and words of wisdom I will keep reading and on occasions write

thanks again hugs to you all xxxxxxx (sorry about long message)

Hi Tizz, well do I say congrats or what?

I suppose 19 months isnt a terribly long wait for a diagnosis.

Someone posted the question How long did you wait to be diagnosed recently. The replies were interesting…ranging from a few hours to eons.

I`m still waiting.after 14 yrs of being pushed, prodded, side-lined and totally messed about!

Still, even so, i try to keep smiling.

Keep on trucking, yeh?

luv Pollx

Sorry about your diagnosis Tizzie but it’s great that you are taking such a positive point of view. The diagnosis will be quite a shock for a while but take things day-by-day and you’ll get through. Try not to think too far ahead. No one knows what i’s in their future! I hope you have great support at home. Take care, thinking of you. Teresa xx

Sorry you’ve got that dx but at least you know for sure now. Now is the time to start living again, no more wondering, As Teresa has said it will take time for it to really sink in but take one day at a time and keep smiling and laughing and you’ll get through.



Hi Tizzie, Can I ask you something did your first MRI came back with lisions ? I have has MS symptoms now for 11mths. I know other neurological probs can mimic MS…My MRI came back as non specific, still having strange symptoms etc, good and bad days 2.

Thursday was a awful day spent the afternoon in bed, the room would not stop spinning and felt so sick. Constant pain and twitchy in my hands.

Do not have a clue what is going on!!!

Jan x