Stuck in bed

Think I’ve had a vasovagal episode this morning ( were you get a sudden drop in blood pressure). Had them in the past but not for years.

My husband and I are at my daughter’s. We are looking after her dog, while she and her partner go off on holiday.

Got out of bed, went into the ensuite and started to feel sick then that was it. Sweating, weakness, head buzzing and everything zooming off and I was drifting away…very scary feeling.

Called my husband who was downstairs but he didn’t hear me but luckily my daughter woke up and fetched him. Feel terrible for upsetting her, when she’s going on holiday. Now I’m stuck in bed, weak as a kitten with legs like wobbly jelly husband making me cups of tea… Which is helping

Something happened on Monday, which caused me a lot of stress and I’m angry that I lost control of my emotions. Yesterday, I had a terrible headache so I think the stress may have contributed to what’s happened.

Lesson learnt!

Oh Blossom, you take care, hope you feel better soon, keep drinking the tea. C

Oh, I am sorry to hear this - and it sounds very unlike you!

Are your vasovagal episodes connected to MS, or a separate condition you’ve had for years?

It may or may not be related to getting upset on Monday - impossible to tell with these things, as they sometimes happen out-of-the-blue anyway. So try not to get more stressed by thinking it’s somehow your fault.

Hope you feel better soon,



My blood pressure dropped right away the first time I had Tysabri. When I rang the hospital and described my symptoms, basically feeling sick, weak as a kitten and unable to walk, after trying to establish whether I was getting some dangerous reaction to the Tysabri, the duty doctor suggested I eat a packet of crisps or other salty snacks. I was amazed at how quickly I felt better after I ate the crisps - it might be worth trying as it is easy and probably won’t hurt, even if it doesn’t help.

Thank you cherrylips and Tina.

Tina, I don’t know if they are connected to the MS. It’s a few year since I last had one but neuro said I could have had the brain lesions for about 20 years.

Thing is my mum used to have similar episodes and so does my daughter.

It is starting to really upset me how these moments of anger blurt out of me then horrible headaches after. I’m the one who usually keeps everyone else calm. I have got to get a grip!


I’ll just echo Jen comments about your GP & send you lots of hugs hun

Hope you feel better soon

JBK xxx

hey take care of you (can do distance reiki if u want?)

ellie x

Hi Noreen. That sounds very frightening.

I had a similar thing happen this time last year and I went to my GP and she said that these things happen from time to time and if there is no pain then don’t worry and breath your way through it. You know all this though don’t you honey? I know you have given me advice on things like this in the past. You time working in palative care helps eh?

Try and have a lazy tlc day.

Hope you feel better soon hun ((((hugs))))

Shazzie xx

Sorry Sewingchick, I wasn’t ignoring you, just type slowly.

Yes it makes good logic to me, that the salt in the crisps would raise blood pressure. Trouble is, these episodes happen so fast and without warning, it’s too late to do anything. Initially, to eat would not be safe.

Oh yes please Ellie, that would be lovely. Let me know the time so I can concentrate on you in return

Not to mention telling my daughter and her partner to stop coming in and out of my bedroom

Thank you Shazzie

They are scary episodes. I remember it happening to my mum when I was a little girl and my dad called the ambulance. All I could think to do was run up and down stairs saying the hail Mary…out loud

I thought I was going to die. I remember breathing really deeply to try and get the feeling to pass.

Hopefully it won’t happen again too soon. Keep smiling sweets.

Shazzie xx

aw noreen

i was going to reply with one of my own, rather dramatic, fainting episodes but the thought of you running up and down stairs whilst saying the hail mary set me off in hysterics!!

take good care and drink all the tea!!

carole x

Hi Bloss, sorry to hear this has happened, especially when you want to appear able and well enough to dog sit.

My guess is that whatever it was that upset you so much, was praying heavily on your mind and as we are all already compromised with chronic health issues, our brains have to find an outlet…and sometimes that means we are left worse for wear.

Been there myself…and am there right now…awaiting tomorrow`s procedure.

Chin up lass, yeh?

luv Polx

Well Carole, I had to pray out loud so they would hear me in heaven…it was an emergency yah no

Goodness knows what the ambulance people thought, passing this young girl running up and down the stairs praying

PS, I’m floating in tea now

Hello Poll

Thank you. You could be right, I hate to lose control.

Good luck with your procedure tomorrow Poll

hiya noreen and jen

i will do between 9.30 and 10 tonight. tho time and distance not a problem once i have set it up just wait til about 9.45pm…

ellie x

ok-no prob-i will pm you

I’ll be ready and waiting and thinking of you in return at 9.45

Thank you so much

Sending you hugs and hope tomorrow is a better day.