nasty episode this morning

woke up early. i was supposed to be going to hydrotherapy but had a couple of hours spare.

i watched a couple of recorded programmes then stood up to get ready for the pool.

the room was doing strange things, floor and walls were wavy.

then my bladder started nagging so i needed to get upstairs to the loo.

this involved holding onto the walls until i reached the stairs.

luckily we have double handrails so i hauled myself up.

got to the loo but bladder had changed its mind.

tried to get up from the loo (seven times!) and crawled into bed.

then the strange dreams - they were about being me on a day like this.

it was like hallucinating.

i couldn’t move and was feeling stiff.

i have heard of people having mini episodes of paralysis but added to the strong dreams was scary.

anyway the family are home from work. i made a pasta and i’m going back to bed now.

i have an appointment with my ms nurse tomorrow.

carole x

Hi carole

Do you have problems with low blood pressure?

The paralysis could relate to the stage of sleep you were in. I do know in REM period sleep, some people can experience temporary paralysis of muscles. Normally we are too deep in sleep to be aware.

Could be something else of course and good that you are seeing MS nurse tomorrow.

I hope you feel a little better after resting.

Noreen xx

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Hi Caole,

Blossom is right. I have heard that when we sleep, our brain paralyses the body so that we don’t thrash about ‘living’ out any dreams and that sometimes something can short circuit. There are loads of stories of people thinking a creature was sitting on their chest as they lay awake in their own beds unable to move and the ‘experts’ (if there are any) think this is the reason why.

As to what cause the first problem - low blood sugars, or blood pressure or a virus … could be several things but speak to your nurse tomorrow.

I hope you feel better tomorrow hun (if not sooner)

JBK xx

Hi Carole

That sounds horrible.

I had a similar thing a few months ago but it was in a different order. I had a terrible dream and woke with my heart racing. I had an urgency to go to the loo and the room was spinning.

I saw my GP and she said it was a panic attack brought on by the bad dream. She called it an episode.

It hasn’t happened since thank goodness.

Hope you feel better after your rest and let us know how you get on with your MS Nurse.

Take care

Shazzie xx

hi carole

just to add to your other wellwishers wishes, i am sorry to hear that you had a crap day- as if you need one of them eh? as you know i am a relative newby to the gift of ms but hope that the nurse is able to provide you with some answers.

take care and rest up, fluffyollie xx zzzzzzzzzz

thank you all

finding it hard to type.

bed for me now.

carole x


Shazzie xxx

Wow Carole, sounds scary, I hope you have a good sleep, a better day tomorrow and that the MS nurse can help.

Snowqueen xx

Great that you will be speaking to your Nurse, I think you should get your blood pressure checked though, it does sound like a dip in pressure.

Hope you feel loads better tomorrow.

Jan x

Hope your feeling better today.

Hope you’ve spoken to your ms nurse and are feeling better today. Sending hugs!!


i told my ms nurse all about it.

i could hear myself talking in someone else’s voice.

i can imagine that she must have thought “mental health issues”.

looking back at it, it was like having had some mind altering drugs.

i was still there in my body but had no idea of how i related to the rest of the world.

enjoy the eclipse

carole x

Might be a good idea to get a urine sample checked - you might have a UTI. Just a thought - but it can make you hallucinate and feel very wobbly. Especially, as you say you desperately needed the loo - then couldn’t go. lf you have retention - it can lead to a UTI.

Hope you feel better soon.

thanks spacejacket

i was thinking the same thing.

need to ask for one of those ridiculously fiddly sample bottles.

i have retention and self catheterise.

those new sample bottles are really tricky.

carole x