Sleep paralysis?

Hello All,

Was just wondering if anyone else suffers from a type of sleep paralysis.

I do suffer quite a bit from fatigue now and then. But was wondering what this strange feeling is that I have.

Sometimes, I notice, just before I fall asleep, that both my arms have gone all heavy and feel like they are numb. Also, just before I wake up they have that heavy tingly feeling, like when a part of your body has gone sleep because you have slept on it funny and trapped a nerve or something, so to speak.

It takes a few seconds to pass on waking and the pain I get aftewards lasts about half hour or so.

It only effects my arms.

Does anyone else get this? Ive only had it since having ms.

Teri x


Yup! Had this one and got fatigue. Infact the dead arms used to wake me up every night and would only happen when sleeping on my back. Recently I have been taking a low dose of Pregabalin for 7 months with excercise/physio, the ‘dead’ arms have not been bothering me (hurray!) but I still have slightly burning hands in bed.

You might need something to calm the nerve signals but as always it’s the old ‘suck and see’ aproach with this condition. Finding something that might help a symptom for you.

Take care


Yep me too, although I dont need to go to sleep before I get this. If I lift my arms, or sit with them in the same position for too long they go numb, tingle with pins and needles. I also noticed when in bed again if the arms are in a position they dont like they go dead. Im sure its nerve related. If I also twist my body in bed it seems to trap a nerve somewhere or disturb a damaged nerve thus problems next morning until it eases off. I once experienced total numbness below the waist as I tried to get out of bed. The next morning my bottom half hurt like h.ll.

You are not alone.



Hi teri

I get Sleep Paralysis and Cataplexy, both related to Narcolepsy not MS

Mine is nothing as you describe. It happens when falling asleep or just before waking up and feels as if your lung muscles have stopped, also your heart beat can’t be felt; a heavy crushing feeling on the chest. I’ve had it since childhood and I’m assured it’s nothing to do with my MS. It’s scary as anything because the more you fight it, the more panicky it feels. My GP explained that despite it feeling like this, no one ever dies of it so it’s best relax into it , drift back to sleep , after which you wake up normally.

More on it here…

Eiona :slight_smile:

Hi, I get it like Eiona and have had it for years before MS.

Whole body is sort of stopped… very strange feeling and at first very scary. Over the years I had taught myself to concentrate on moving one finger… when I do that it snaps my body back to life.

More recently I have been trying what Eiona suggests, and just sort of go with it and go back to sleep.

Pat x

Thanks Pat - horrible eh? x

Hi again Teri,

I should have added that to me, no expert on MS but having lived with it for longer than I care to remember, it sounds more like a neuropathic type symptom. I’d ask your MS Nurse or failing that your Neurologist about it.

Eiona x

Yes I get this too, usually in my lower arms and in my hands , numb and tingling sensations.


Thankyou for the replies

I really do feel for Eiona and Pat with it affecting their whole bodies.

After reading up a little about the subject, I dont think mine is the sleep paralysis associacted with narcolepsy.

I think it more to do with nerve interference and probably due to the ms, but will certainly ask my neuro or nurse, when I see them.

Just another strange sensation to get used to I suppose.

Teri x

I think you are right Teri. MS related in your case.

Hope they can give you something to help.

Pat x