Sleep Paralysis

Had a dose of this the other day, normally dont bother about it, but this time it seemed to go on for ages, and afterwards felt so heavy, could not move, took ages to get stable after waking up.

Noticed upon researching on net about it, that modafinil is sometimes prescribed to people with regular problems of this.

Does anybody else get this?

Hi, yes I’ve had this on and off for years. Actually years before I had MS symptoms so don’t think they’re related (but who knows).

One trick I’ve taught myself over the years. Try and move just one finger. That’s usually enough to jolt you out of it. Just concentrate on one finger and moving it. Over time it gets easier.

It is a very distressing feeling and you have my sympathy, but I will say that I’m more used to it now and it doesn’t frighten me nearly as much as it used to.

I often get it when on any kind of drug… the last time I was getting it regularly was when I was on Gabapentin.

I’ve also noticed that I get it more freqently at times when I’m stressed out so I think there’s a link there as well. Just seems that some people are prone to it.

Pat x

I always wake up with claw hands,my hands are so tightly shut they take ages to open, usually take my at least 30mins to get moving

Yay! It’s not just me that gets this.
I think my Husband thinks I’m imagining it when I say I can’t move for 30 mins or so when I first wake up…can’t even talk to ask for help.
I too tend to concentrate on a finger or toe to try and get the rest of me moving or sometimes even tensing a muscle will work now as I’m getting more use to it.


Me too - not every day but most I wake up with hands like claws and unable to move them for a while. It was one of my earliest symptoms in my early teens


Snap, I get this too, don’t know if it’s to do with the way I sleep or just MS rearing its head. I am trying to keep my hands straight when I sleep these days.



I just want to sort out a possible confusion… and in doing so I don’t mean to imply that waking up with clawed hands is not destressing because it is.

Sleep Paralysis is a very particular neurological condition where part of your brain wakes up but your body is still asleep… so you are awake and aware but you are unable to move any part of your body at all. It is extremely frightening especially when you first get it. It’s as if you can’t even take a breath. Your whole body is totally paralysed.

If you can train yourself to move a finger it ‘wakes up’ the body so you can move and breath again.

It can be caused by various drugs and I think by stress, but I don’t think the actual cause is known. Also it can come and go. I had it for a couple of years in my 20’s and didn’t get it again until I had MS symptoms in my 50’s.

Pat x

I’ve had this yesterday for the past time!! Pat describes it perferctly!

Been trying to find an answer and found this post, thank you.

It was seriously scary!


My goodness, I didnt know it was as common as it is. I had experience of it a few years ago when I tried to get up from the bed to go to the loo, my bottom half wouldnt work at all. I had to try swing towards the floor, then use my hands to move my legs. I seriously thought I would drop to the floor but I didnt, but still couldnt feel my legs. It was the worst experience of my life, I seriously thought I would stay like that. Woke up next morning after going back to bed and legs and bottom half didnt half hurt.

I now know it as sleep paralysis which in my case extended to me trying to get to loo and result. Neuro just passed it off as one of those things, but Ill never forget it.

Wonder if its another symptom of suffering ms?

take care,



I too suffer from sleep paralysis. The first few times it terrified me, but I’m getting used to it. Still get scared when I’m staying in a hotel with unfamiliar surroundings. I also have bouts of Exploding Head Syndrome (I think thats what its called!) and go for night time wanderings…

Oh my I suffer with both of these too sleep paraysis & exploding head syndrome :frowning: scary stuff. Sue