Anyone else suffer from what I shall as an 'out of body experience'

Soooo today my legs decided they wanted to buckle again. I was feeling ridiculously tired beforehand so I’m guessing the fatigue was the culprit!
I then had what I can only describe as an out of body experience . Fell to the floor (yes again)! I felt disorientated, confused and tearful. I could not get up for the life of me. I just lay there hearing voices around me but couldn’t will myself to move. Diagnosis partial seizure! REALLY!!! Waaaaaa (Feeling a little sorry for myself today) :frowning: anyone else had a similar experience?


What I shall describe as**

Hi Danielle

I’ve not had that kind of experience but something similar which my Neurologist described as sleep paralysis it’s when you come to get up out of bed but literally cannot move your body oh the joys eh?

I hope your feeling a little better today

Sue x

Sometimes, I feel like I’ve woke up and I’m aware of my surroundings but my body feels heavy and I’m unable to move.

I usually just give in and sleep again, then wake up ok. It’s years ago, since I’ve experienced this though.

Sorry to hear, it’s partial seizures your having. That’s another worry for you


Thanks guys,

Blossom, that’s like me a lot of mornings. Yesterday was the same type of experience x 1000.

its so frustrating x

It must be really distressing for you. What treatment are you being prescribed? I hope it works for you.


I’m starting on alemtuzumab (campath) in feb. Scared shitless as its chemotherapy but it’s the most aggressive medication u can get with brilliant results. Fingers crossed x

hi danielle

that was a horrible experience for you.

has the doctor given you anything for these partial seizures?

or is it just watch and wait?

anyway good luck with campath. i have only heard good things about it.

i have strange “absences”. eg if i’m about to set off somewhere and i’m dressed, coat on and bag in hand at 9.30 - suddenly i’m still in coat with bag but it’s 10.00.

weird but apart from being late for appointments, it hasnt had any bad conseqences,

​this ms malarky is like being in the twilight zone!

hope you have started to recover.

carole xx

Hi I’ve never had that happen but sometimes always when Im walking down the stairs I feel like I have missed a stair and I’m falling I haven’t and I don’t but it’s a weird feeling. And I sometimes have hallucinations my best one was I woke up and a wolf was standing over me and I was reaching out to see if it was real then it changed into the pg tips monkey while shaking his head like church hil!!! But I have to admit I like them and I can entertain my friends with my newest hallucinations! Lol