Passing out

Hi guys, yesterday I started having serious shoting pains on my left abdomen, spreaded to my leg and then to the entire left side of my body.

I’m always in pain, but this was too much, had to curl up, thought of going to A&E, felt like appendicitis, but then realised that IS in thr RIGHT side, dooh.

Anyway, today had the most horrific and scary day. Made several attempts to get out of bed, but brain wasn’t letting me!

Yet again, another symptom I can’t explain.

You know when you are having a nightmare, and you want to scream and do move, but you can’t, because you are asleep?

Well, it felt like that. But I was awake. All my body would go on a pins and needles mode, I was making noises in despair, but couldn’t move. It was seriously scary. Like you’re fainting, but how can that be?

Contacted Ms nurse, she was busy, texted me back to go to GP, ask for urine test to rule out infection, and if it was clean, for GP to fax neuro, so I can be seen.

Did all that, GP was busy, didnt see me or talked to me over the phone, but recepcionist told me they can do that. I don’t have a bladder infection ( well, if they asked me in first place, I knew that!).

Anyway, does anyone here have had anything similar?


Hi Miza

Blimey, that sounds horrible! I’ve not had anything similar, but felt like I wanted to say something. I hope you’re able to speak to your doctor soon to try & figure out what to do and how to help. In the meantime, make sure you’re taking care of yourself and are getting your other needs met. Have you got people around you to help you out when needed?

Take care


The not being able to move thing sounds like sleep paralysis. Can’t help with the shooting pains, not heard of them in loads of places all at the same time. An intestinal spasm (unbelievable pain) would affect your torso, but not your arm or leg. Hopefully someone else has a better idea. I hope today’s a better day for you! Karen x

hi miza

i havent had what you describe but this morning as i was waiting for microwave to ping so i could have my porridge

i felt like i was going to faint (came over all hot and everything was going dark) so i lowered myself to the floor.

i then keeled over and bumped into the washing machine. after sitting there for a few minutes i tried to get to a sofa but had to do it by shuffling on my bum.

i’m seeing my ms nurse this afternoon so i’ll tell her all about it.

scary, freaky stuff this eh?

carole x

Sounds like sleep paralysis to me too - they can feel quiet scary but don’t usually last very long. I think someone else on the forum gets them too but I can’t remember who… (you can always put up another post with title sleep paralysis as you might find other people who are in the same situation may be able to help you better).

Not sure about the shooting pains but I guess if you had a bad enough spasm round your abdomen it could aggravte a nerve and cause strange sensory symptoms. The only thing I can liken it to is when I get bladder spasms - when they’re really bad the pain travels down my leg as well as upsetting my bladder function! So maybe it’s something like that - just a guess.

I hope you get seen and you feel better.



Thank you so much for your comments guys!

This forum is definitely the best way to check if symptoms are ms related or not!

I find the ‘normal proceedings’ to see a specialist extremelly stressful, really gets on my nerves having to explain what I’m feeling to a receptionist, being told to call next mornig at 8 am to try to get an appointment, because they are full, when I just explained, I only just managed to drag myself out of bed ( and it was nearly 4.00 pm).

I am feeling a bit better today, still a bit shaky and feeble but I know I’ll feel better soon.

Thanks again, I will check sleep paralysis.