Hi everyone, I just wanted to see if any of you have any thoughts or opinions about this. I believe this is the place for honest/ realistic advice. After a bad relapse in April 2016 am walking with a cane since then. Had to give up my job as it was too physical for me. Ive been to countless job interviews during this time but for one reason or another noone is willing to employ me. I’ve lost hope really!! I am soo tired of this. I just want to feel worthy. Im only 36 and want to do much more than just what I am doing at the moment. I would like to go back to study but lot of things go into my mind, would I be able to cope with ms? Is it the Uni pressure any good for me? Is it worth in the end with an unpredictable illness? Any thoughts would be much appreciated, thankyou for reading my post Erida

Hi Erida

A large part of being employed is the sense of self worth it offers and playing an active part in society.

Assuming you’re in the United Kingdom would you be interested in volunteering for the Citizens Advice Bureau? At 36 you’ve got to have experience that would be valued in such an activity.

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I’m 31 and I had to medically discharge myself from my job. Blue times! I feel for you. I’ve been recently assessing and reassessing just those kinds of questions in my mind! What kind of lifestyle do I need to have? How many days/hours can I guarantee? In what kind of work can I be reliable? How do I want my life to look next year?

I would say, we can never know why someone didn’t employ us… who they were looking for, or what kind of other candidates applied. Sometimes, I swear they just don’t like my face. Some of it is luck. You only need one employer to say yes, or take a liking to you randomly. Don’t lose hope! Do not. The absolute worst periods in our lives come into perspective after a while. You will get a job, if you do not give up and you’re reasonable about what you know you can do. I bet you’ll look back on this and think, god that felt like forever!

I’m not sure about the university business. But, I think you can go part time for a lot of courses, if that helps. Or there’s always open university, which you can do from home with half the pressure. If you haven’t been before, I can tell you that you may be surprised how accommodating university admin is, in regards to extensions or re-sits, or years off as required etc. It’s worth talking to them.

MS is unpredictable, but our healthy next door neighbour might get turned into jam by a bus tomorrow.

try the uni route.

it will give you confidence.

open university even better because you will mainly be studying from home and have no travel to consider.

honestly as compass says the university admin are helpful and should be eager to be inclusive.

carole x

Hi Erida,

You are as worthy as anyone (MS or no MS) Work or study or voluntary stuff can all give confidence. They can also lead to stress and fatigue, you need to choose the best compromise for you. You know how you feel and what should work for you. You have experience that will add value to any activity. I would suggest (and hope) that you are open and honest and that any potential employer or educator is supportive. Just don’t give up on yourself, make the most of who you are and deal with any changes as and when they occur.

All the best


Hi, have you tried the online free short courses - MOOC’s ? Through the Coursera, Future Learn and edX websites and the courses are produced by well known UK and global universities.

There are loads of courses to choose from. I’ve done a few and they are good preparation for uni - to see if I like the subject and to ease me into being a student.

Thankyou all for your support/ideas. Very much appreciated! Somehow I don’t feel completely on my own and this is because of you guys!! Things my change, I should stay optimist, its good for as after all. Hope you all have a lovely weekend