Hi all, the invisible shaking has returned this morning worse than the other day.

I’m wondering if it’s because i’m slightly stressed! Long story cut short, i had a call off the heamotologist 2.5 weeks ago to say i would be going on Clexane injections for 5

days before LP and he would sort this with Neuro and send me a letter. This Monday i

rang Neuro who hadn’t heard anything so i told him what the plan was and rang him again to

chase to see if he had contacted the Heamotologist who knew i was anxious and just want it over and done with! I will be ringing Neuro again today as i feel like i’m being

put on hold because i’m not a straight forward LP. Anti-Thrombin 3 doesn’t get looked

at in detail which i find annoying and i think the more i get messed around the more i hate having it. Sorry to moan but i’m just so fed up atm.

sonia x

Hi Sonia, stress is a factor associated with worsening symptoms, heat is also a factor and you’ve had both recently so yes its going to affect your condition. Im not surprised your fed up either since haemo and neuro are making.things difficult because of their co-ordination or lack of it leaving you to liase with both departments. Its good to put your thoughts down ‘on paper’ it means your looking at them objectively and also opens a door of support and advice. Although Im not the best person to.advise on your LP or the Clexane there are loads of people here who are, its a bit early yet. Good luck on you journey. (((hugs))) Frank.