LP results tomoz. :-/ and 1 question...

Hi all, me again…

i’ve got my neuro appointment tomorrow at 2 and I’m pretty scared about it to be honest.

No diagnosis or him saying its ‘psychosomatic’ is my worst nightmare. This stress is definatly exasverating symptoms old and new ones. I will of course tell the neuro about the new pins and needles in my head but I had another new thing happen today.

My right hand turned purple. It wasn’t cold infact it felt hot. It was swollen. 2 days before I had it in both feet too.

Should I tell him about this??? Don’t want to gived him any reason to cast me aside as a nut job lol.

My husband is working away and ccant come with me which is also stressing me out so I’m taking a friend.

Thanks again as always

Mandymoo xx

Hi Mandymoo Don’t fret, it hard as yr other half is away. If you hav a good neuro you will b ok. Tell ur neuro, write a lst if symptoms to give euro. Go out for lunch with yr m8. Mike

It sounds like it might be Raynaud’s (which is quite common in MS). And, yes you should tell him.

I’m sure it will be fine.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Karen x

Good luck at your apppointment and I agree with Mike, go for lunch with your friend and relax :slight_smile: I love going out with friends and just chatting. It’s good stress relief.

I’ve just google imaged Raynauds Karen and it defo wasn’t that bad. Very blotchy purple and red and swollen and only on the right hand.

Thx both for the good luck.

Mandymoo x

Don’t go by google images - only chronic, severe Raynaud’s looks like that (scared the hell out of me when I looked after being told I had it!). I have it on and off and so do a lot of people who post on everyday living. Even if it isn’t Raynaud’s, it’s best to tell the neuro - it could be an important clue!