Waiting for LP

Hi, I’m new on this forum today.

Back in Feb this year all the docs thought I had a stroke and I could deal with that. I gave up smoking, started taking statins and changed my diet but after my MRI I was referred to a neurologist and had a further MRI and am waiting for a LP. My symptoms all went, I could drive again and I went back to work on a phased return. Everything seemed to be going back to some sort of normality but last weds morning when I woke up my vision was blurred, my balance had gone and my top lip had gone numb. I feel like I am back to square one, off work again and I can’t drive,. I feel so helpless and frightened. Nobody understands how frustrating it all is, I just want some answers and my life back.

Hi Lily welcome it is understandable that you feel frustrated unfortunately there are no quick answers for neurological problems. You are among friends on the forums there are many of us who have yet to be diagnosed and who are travelling the same bumpy road here in limboland.

It is very frustrating being dependent we all feel like that at times you can always let off steam on here no one will judge you and you can get some really good advice and support from people who truely know what you are going through.

You didn’t say if you know when your LP is ? This will sound stupid but try not to stress as this can worsen your symptoms it is difficult. But just to let you know frustration is a fact of life here , rest and relaxation are the order of the day.

I’ve posted so someone with more advice will see your post best wishes Sue

Thanks for replying. My LP is on the 20th July but my GP is trying to get a quicker apt as she is quite worried about me. Every morning I wake up hoping the symptoms have gone but they have stayed the same for about a week now. I do find this forum a great help just knowing I am not alone.

I’ll be thinking of you on the 20th at least it isn’t months away though any time waiting for something seems a long time, at least your GP is taking you seriously I hopr they will be able to see you sooner.Sue