Stress and symptoms

Sorry for the unhappy post but I’m struggling at the moment, my dad was rushed to hospital on the 11th April and diagnosed with bowel cancer on The 13th. They will be operating next Wednesday but also investigating The 3 nodules in his lung at the same time. He is 73 and not in the best Of health to start with. That has stressed me out to start with. Now for the Next blow! My aunt was put in a home in January with dementia and Diagnosed with lung cancer 6 weeks ago, she was took to the QE hospital Friday just gone and we got the devestating news today that the cancer has Spread to her brain and only has weeks to live. I am so overloaded with Upsetting emotions at the moment and my head is constantly pounding. My legs have started twitching and I feel generally ill in myself. Could I Possibly be heading for a relapse? I know stress is bad for us but how can You possibly not be. Sorry to rant but better out than in, I should be looking Forward to my holiday to Egypt 22nd may but I’m really not anymore. Upset and exhausted Sonia x

Hi Sonia

No need to apologise at all - that all sounds like a load of heavy stuff to deal with, and I’m not surprised you’re feeling stressed. Finding ways to let it out is probably a good idea, whether it’s offloading on here, or doing something physical. But also doing some form of meditation would be a good idea, as it’s well known to help with things like stress - I’ll send you a couple links that might help.

I’m not sure what else to say though that’ll be any help, but I just wanted to reply & say hello, and that I feel for what you’re going through.


Hi, I noticed when i have alot of stressful stuff going on i suffer after the event…and takes days or longer to recover …itis quite common …you have to pace yourself and i know its hard when there is so much stuff going on…but sometimes we have to behave selfish …i have been there with family members and illness etc it was the worst time for me then…my dad had bladder cancer …so i know the stress involved…and then my mum …sending support to you …wish you well

Thanks guy’s i am trying to relax but my mind is in overdrive x

Hello Sonia, your emotions must be all over the place. It’s very difficult to deal with our illness at times but too have to manage all that you have on your plate at the moment.

my dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer too when I was still undergoing tests for a diagnosis and although it was several years ago it was a time I found difficult to not too become overwhelmed with. Everything takes on a different perspective when those we love become ill.

There is a charity called who have a very welcoming forum for not only people with bowel cancer but their family, friends and carers, they are a wealth of information and support, and perhaps they could offer you some much needed personal support with regards to your concerns about your dad.

And then you have all who use this forum to support you with your MS, a little help when you need it most.

joysee x

Hi Sonia, just want to say I’m sorry that you are having to deal with all this and just sending you a virtual hug xx

Hi Sonia


I’m sorry things are so stressful for you just now. You need to try and find some time for yourself to relax. I know that’s hard to do. I have just had a stressful eighteen months but I did get through it somehow. I find yoga quite relaxing and it helped me to learn some breathing and meditation techniques. Sometimes my symptoms would flare up but if I rest and relax they will let up again for a while. Right now I am recovering from a relapse but it wasn’t as severe as it could have been so I have been lucky.

Take care

Tracey xx

Hi Sonia,

I’m not surprised you are stressed and suffering a flare up of symptoms with everything you are dealing with. Try not to worry about being worried (if you know what I mean) just be gentle with yourself, how you’re feeling is to be expected. Sending postive thoughts your way for you and your loved ones x