Depressed or just down?

Just wondering why I am feeling like this. I guess if we consider the last 2 years and the trauma we’ve been through it’s hardly surprising but I was not expecting to feel as down as this. Mom got d/x’d with terminal lung cancer early in 2014 and died in the November. Nasty, messy, costly divorce. Dad had to be rushed to hospital in July 2015, given a matter of weeks to live. After 5 weeks we got him into a care home near us and he lasted until this February. In May I took voluntary redundancy from a high pressure job that was starting to get me down. I was lucky enough to get another job within weeks. We sold Dad’s house and have bought a lovely house of our own. So I guess I should be really happy but instead I find myself struggling and was wondering if I should discuss this with my MS nurse (got d/x’d in 2010).

See your GP, not your MS nurse. They will be able to determine if you are depressed and need a little something to help you along. Sounds very stressful. Hope you feel stronger soon xx

i’m not surprised you’re feeling bad! That’s a lot for anyone to take on, without the curse of MS to contend with. I agree that you would be better to go to your GP. There are many treatments that may be suitable for you and pills may not be the best way


I was given Amitriptylene last year but hated how they made me feel the next day, so I left them alone

I was down spoke to my MS nurse about it, or more broke down in front of her, she referred me to a clinical psychologist appointment kept getting changed but i found why i was feeling so down it because of my home life not happy hadnt been for a while so I changed it told my wife i didnt love her any more wanted a divorce and now i feel a lot better, i do get down days now in hospital for five days no visitors but i know i will get through it and be up again

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I do not think there is a British Standard for exactly how bad we are supposed to feel when the people we love and our own lives are assailed by grief and loss on this sort of scale. But, if there were to be such a standard amount, perhaps it might be something like the way you are feeling just now?

I have no idea how much of your low mood is a rational response the the awful things that have happened in your life and your family, and how much of it (if any) is your own responses going haywire and creating their own problems. I do think you need to start talking to the GP for a view on that. But I do think you are asking a lot of yourself if you expect to feel OK after such a wrenchingly painful series of events. It is great that you have steadied the ship and set a new course in your life, and a real achievement. But it surely would not be surprising if it took a while longer to process all that loss and let your emotional progress catch up with the practical progress that you have made. I am sorry that you are having a bad time and hope that the skies start to clear for you soon.


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My nurse also referred me to a clinical psychologist but it was 20 miles from here and a right PITA to get to.When I went for my second session, the hospital staff sent me the wrong place and I ended up missing the appointment. Never went back but I might go chat to both my MS nurse and my GP. Or I might just kick myself up the backside again and deal with it lol


I would speak with my MS nurse because unlike the GP I would get more than a rushed 5 minutes with someone who listens and has the chance to know me well enough to notice any changes.

I wish you good luck and hope that you can get the right type of support.


Thanks Mick. You’re right my MS nurse is ace and will notice any changes. Last time I saw her I had just taken voluntary redundancy and started a new job and she noticed how much more upbeat I was.

i agree that ms nurses really listen.

i’m a big fan!

carole x

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The MS nurse is the first call I think although my GP said that 90% of people with a chronic illness need help with depression at some point. For me my anti-depressants have softened the world a little and I’m more mentally stable.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Youve had more than your fair share of deep sadness, in a short time, than some folk ever have, to cope with. So its bound to have got to you.

I hope speaking you your MS nurse helps. If theres any referring to do, Im sure she will see to that for you.

Hang in there, it will get better. Just give it time.

luv Pollx