Strange Sensations

I’ve just found this really well written explanation of those funny sensations (paresthesias) many of us get: I was relieved to read about things that I’ve felt/am currently feeling like the ‘burned tongue’ and ‘wet leg’ sensations. I wonder why some of them come and go so quickly whilst others seem to hang around? I’m not diagnosed yet but paresthesias are among my top five symptoms. How about you?

P.S. it was interesting to note that some vision disturbances are also paresthesias. I’ve had that experience where you think you saw something out of the corner of your eye but it could not possibly have been anything. Anyone else?

Reiki - thank you so much for posting that. It has answered a lot of questions for me, and reassured me that I’m not going mad!!

I get a lot of those sensations mentioned on there, and the one about the mouse running across the floor is sooo reassuring, as I keep thinking we have an infestation that only manifests itself when I’m in the room!!! I’ve recently been getting some of the other eye things mentioned on there, too, so am now wondering if I have very mild ON.

I get the feeling as if I have burnt my tongue, too! These things sure are weird!

I’ve also been getting the feeling as if water is running down my leg which can be quite disconcerting at times! I also feel as if it’s running out of my eye at times, too, which is really annoying, but not quite as disconcerting for obvious reasons!

Thanks again for posting, Reiki. xx

This is a very interesting read, thank you for that!

I get a wet bum feeling! Explains that! Thanks Reiki :slight_smile: x

Thanks for that - best explanation I’ve seen of it!


That ‘scalded tongue’ feeling recently decided to move further back from the tip to where it touches my palet. I’ve got a headcold at the moment and wonder if that could be exacerbating symptoms? All these little prods, stings, burns, tingles and possibly even itches are quite tiring. Also, I don’t automatically check them anymore…maybe I ought to, just in case something external is the cause? How do you cope with odd sensations?

Thanks for this link Reiki. You’ve just reminded me of something I need to add to my list of things for neuro app tomorrow.

Just read the article…very interesting. I’m actually a member of medhelp although I don’t go on much.

I messaged a neuro doctor on there when I was first diagnosed and got a lovely reply.

I cope with them, by having a bad memory. good or bad it works for me.


Medion lol! I’m apparently in a state of ‘hypervigilance’ according to my neuro, so even though my memory is rubbish, I still notice every little twitch. Hypervigilance isn’t just a conscious thing either - as I understand it, my body is in a state of high alert so my brain is making me aware of things it would normally filter away. As for the memory - it isn’t that my actual memory has deteriorated, but the system by which information is subconsciously assimilated is not working properly. Now…what was I going to say…?!

wow, impressive explanation lol x