strange food cravings

first of all let me say that i am absolutely not pregnant!!!

this morning i woke up very early, came downstairs and made a cup of tea, putting a slice of bread in the toaster.

then i put peanut butter on the toast - i’ve never like peanut butter but that piece of toast was soooo good!!

now i’m off to make more toast and will put peanut butter on.

anybody else have similar cravings?


Yeah, I get strange food cravings all the time. I put it down to my medication, love Bex xxx

hiya carole


i guess its all tied in with my food/taste issues… one day i will crave something and next it makes me feel sick… strange

Love peanut butter - have you tried it with banana on toast - or even a toasted banana/peanut butter sandwich. l have one of those George Foreman [or Formby as we call it] grills. lts the best sandwich toaster.

My favourite soup is Butternut Squash and Peanut butter. lts one of Hugh Fearnley Whitting-Stalls recipes. He calls it Butternut and Nut butter soup. Google it - for the recipe. lt has fresh ginger/chilli/coriander/lime in it - so quite ‘Asian’ tasting.

thanks for the replies and now i know i’m not the only one.

spacejacket - i love the sound of hugh fearnley witting stall’s soup and i will try it soon as i buy a butternut squash!

and i must get a george foreman grill because at the moment we have no oven and no grill.

polar bear - if your recipe is for cup cakes - i can’t make them because i have no oven.


carole x

Cheese and jam sandiches, the ultimate comfort food for me

ha ha ha!!

now that is bonkers blossom

carole x

You try it lol.

Toast one side of your bread first. Then jam on non toast side, topped with favorite cheese…brie for me…then melt under grill or use a sandwich toaster!

I’ve so gotta have one now

OMG, that’s exactly what I’m craving - peanut butter and banana! I’ve been feeling quite sick too - ever since I tried carbamazepine four weeks ago. Even though I only took it for a week and am back on Amitryptiline (does nothing for my nerve endings, but helps me sleep), it has left me hating coffee (I was a real fanatic before) and other hot drinks. I’m either on water or wine (not so good with your breakfast!).

I crave food but doubt ms or meds, just greed and boredom…peanut butter and jam at mo but cheese and jam are yummy, and nuts, fruit with evaporated milk. Although I’ve never tried it my dad loves peanut butter, with syrup and salt

Beetroot and lemon curd sandwiches !!! Yum.

Sorry but WHAT!!! Are you crazy?

Well I’ve never been tested, but it’s a possibility. Have you not read some of my posts ??? Sandwiches - they taste gorgeous, you get the tang of the lemon curd then the sharpness of vinegar and crunch of the beetroot. And it turns the bread pink !!! Winner, winner, chicken dinner !